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I have a BA in Architecture from Barnard College and spent several years in architecture/construction, then thirty years in information technology. I started pottery when I moved to Washington DC area and knew no one. After twelve years at the Art League School in Alexandria VA, I have found my new pottery home at Sanctuary Pottery Studio in Casper, Wyoming ).
In college I studied Asian art history.  I loved the ceramics of the tea ceremony where imperfection was perfected to an art form. I was awestruck by the Japanese collection at The Met, their collection of ceramics, flower arrangements, and artwork for the ceremony. This is likely the origin of my fascination with raku.
I’ve combined my passion for ceramics with my passion for travel. I’ve been to workshops in France, Italy and Greece and plan to go back for a 3-month workshop tour as soon as Europe lets me in.

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Hector Mavridis mentor and teacher Alternative firing techniques at the Almond Grove,Thessaloniki Greece

David Flohr raku workshops at the Art League School, Alexandria Virginia

Joan Ulrich teacher extraordinaire at the Art League School in Alexandria Virginia and resident artist at the Workhouse in Lorton Virginia

Tony Clennell - workshop at the Art League School, Alexandria Virginia

Simon Levin wood firing workshop at La Meridiana Tuscany

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